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Egyptian Market Presents Inferior Products And Depends On Its Low Prices In Marketing, And Does Not Care About The Customer And His Health. We Have Our Own Policy To Use The Top Quality Equipments And Chemicals Directly From The Most Professional Manufacturers Besides A Well Trained Technical Staff For Installation, Maintenance And Technical Support.

Water Purification Generally Means Freeing Water From Any Kind Of Impurity It Contains, Such As Contaminants Or Micro Organisms. Water Purification Is Not A Very One-Sided Process; The Purification Process Contains Many Steps. The Steps That Need To Be Progressed Depend On The Kind Of Impurities That Are Found In The Water. This Can Differ Very Much For Different Types Of Water.

Egypt Is Located On The Nile River, And The Nile River Passes On The Developing Countries.

Pollution In The Nile Disastrous Proportions, And Is One Of The Main Causes Of The High Rates Of Disease In Egypt.

Water Sterilization In Egypt, Is Through A Primitive Process Used In It Alum And Chlorine, And This Method Does Not Guarantee You Healthy Drinking Water, And Researches Have Shown That Alum And Chlorine Caused Malignant Diseases.

Not All Plants Depend On A Unified Source Of Water, There Are Different Water Sources In Egypt (Nile – Wells – The Sea). In Addition, Each Plant Needs A Certain Specification Of The Water Used In Manufacturing.

RO Is The Most Convenient And Effective Method Of Water Filtration. It Filters Water By Squeezing Water Through A Semi-Permeable Membrane, Which Is Rated At 0.0001 Micron (Equals To 0.00000004 Inch!). This Is The Technology Used To Make Bottled Water; It Is Also The Only Technology Capable Of Desalinating Sea Water, Making It Into Drinking Water.

Non-RO Water Filters Are Much Less Effective, And The Pore Size On These Filter Media Are Much Bigger, Generally 0.5 – 10 Micron. They Can Filter Out Coarse Particles, Sediments And Elements Only Up To Their Micron Rating.

Anything Finer And Most Dissolved Substances Cannot Be Filtered Out. As A Result, Water Is Far Less Clean And Safe Compare To Reverse Osmosis Filtration.

We are very keen to provide our customers with high quality products with
the latest technology by responsible price.

High-quality products will avoid you and your business from frequent failures and breakdowns for your system, additional operational and maintenance cost, and the risk of passing contaminated water to your product.

We will make a free consultancy visit to your workplace; then we will make a report for your case with advice for the suitable system/product.